Community members representing government, non-profit, religious, educational, and civic organizations are committed to supporting families in the Henrico community. Members serve in one of four workgroups to support activities in service to Henrico Partnership for Family and Community Engagement (HPFCE) goals and outcomes.

Goal: Promote a culture of active co-parenting by mothers, fathers, family members, and other caregivers in the lives of their children.

Members support activities related to goal one, including addressing service gaps, training parenthood group facilitators, conducting outreach with incarcerated parents, providing information on evidence-based curricula, supporting a public information campaign, and hosting community forums.

Goal: Support the healthy social, emotional, behavioral, and academic development of Henrico County students.

Members support activities related to goal two, including promoting mentoring, extracurricular, summer, social/emotional, and academic enrichment programming, expanding mental health services to students, supporting teacher outreach with families, and addressing barriers to parental involvement in children’s education.

Goal: Create an environment that helps facilitate family connections with civic participation, community services, and learning opportunities.

Members support activities related to goal three, including managing common referral processes, maintaining ongoing data collection, supporting family outreach activities, and promoting wraparound services for families.

Goal: Strengthen community organizations that support students and families in the Henrico community.

Members support activities related to goal four, including planning partnership meetings, aggregating data, promoting program evaluation, supporting the pursuit of funding, supporting the expansion and use of programs, recruiting new members, and overseeing the HPFCE Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).