The Henrico Partnership for Family and Community Engagement is a group of dedicated members focused on helping individuals and families CONNECT with available community resources. Combined stakeholders from various county government agencies that serve families PARTNER together with the Henrico Educational Foundation, Henrico County Public Schools, non-profit family service agencies, and faith-based organizations to BUILD networks of support for families. By strategically partnering, this dynamic and creative group unite to collaborate on meaningful initiatives to improve the life of those in the community.

We have four basic areas of focus that include:

  • Facilitating Family Connections – growing our knowledge about available programs and supporting outreach to families
  • Support Student Development – promoting prevention, mentoring, and student support activities
  • Strengthen Community Organizations – we support and recognize each other’s importance and look for ways to help expand our reach in the community
  • Promote Culture of Co-Parenting – recognize the importance of all families’ impact on children, we look for ways to enrich the parenting foundation through education and support

Some of the recent programs supported by the Partnership include:

  • Fatherhood and Motherhood Programs – Support Groups are located throughout the County and provide a “safe” environment for women and men to reflect, learn and improve upon their parenting skills.
  • Prevention Group Programs – Rites of Passage for boys and prevention groups for girls are occurring throughout the county in our schools and in our James River Detention Center.
  • Communication – We communicate with each other! We continually share our knowledge with each other and through that we are able to get people to the services they need. Individuals who find themselves in challenging situations need guidance. Through collaboration, we are able to guide and connect individuals with the services they need.

If you would like to learn more about the Henrico Partnership for Family and Community Engagement, please contact Brittany Flippen at 804-652-3867 or email